Thursday, July 10 2014
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I'm very interested in your plugin but before buying it I would like to know if it suits my needs:

Is it possible to translate the admin part into other languages?
Coult it be possible to translate the contents of the map in the frontend of Joomla multilingual site using Falang or any other tool?
Is it possible to have a Spanish region map without any other country?. Reading the pre-sales questions I thought that it is not, but why is the USA map alone in the demo?
Could it be possible to access to the backend of the demo for knowing how it works?

Thank you so much for your attention.

About language, yes it is, available language can be found here:
There is one single text file for all the backend.

Linky Map use the Joomla native multilingual system, you can set a language for each map. The country display is set by Google geochart API, see attached for Spain.

We don't have any backend access, sorry.

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