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  3. Monday, April 11 2016
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I see a plugin for virtuemart but I don't see a way to add it to the context menu? Is there a way to use this plugin so I can rate all products in virtuemart?
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Indeed you won't find anything in the menu, you create a custom field for Virtuemart to add/display ratings.

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Hi Tristan,

Like Bpos, we are keen to understand how Virtuemart integration is achieved. When you say a custom field needs to be added, can you please explain the process so that we can fully understand the effort needed to configure this extension to be fully functional with Virtuemart.


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Hi mac
As step you need to create custom field of item rating.
These rating can be inserted in virtuart product when you select item rating in plugin field.
The data of virtuemart is saved in the table of rating and from this context the data is visible as product snippet in virtuemart
Let me know if it's ok now.
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