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  2. Pres-sale questions about Item rating
  3. Thursday, February 18 2016
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Before buying your component I would like to know if this component will replace the internal K2 voting/rating system?
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Not really a replacement, you can active one the other system.

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This is not 100% clear to me.

I would like to know if this component activates the voting features so that it replaces the K2 internal system - meaning that I could use a 3rd party module/component which looks at the voting the K2 has (which then should be your components voting system) and display it. Possible?

Let me know if you need further details.
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Yes it is, you can disable the K2 voting system from K2 and then use Item rating.

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I have troubles in trying to explain as your answer is not giving my full satisfaction. I today purchased your component and can see that the K2 internal system is NOT being replaced by you component. This would be a greate feature for you to implement ... as anyone then can use other 3rd party components togheter with yours.

Please comment on this if it is possible.

I have attached an image which shows that the rating is not "synced".
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Hi christof,

I'm sorry but this forum is only for pre-sale questions, for all technical request please drop us a ticket (menu Support > Ticket support).
The developer in charge will take a look at that.

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