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  Tuesday, October 27 2015
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Hi there I was thinking of getting the plugin but have a few questions.
I want to make it so that whenever a user publishes an article through the front end that they are always required to submit ratings on their article from a pre-designed item list before they can publish. Then other users can rate. Is this possible?

Also, would it be possible in any way for users to sort articles based on the different criteria? Say that the two mandatory criteria are 'Affordability' and 'Efficiency,' then users could sort articles to look for either the highest rating in affordability or efficiency.

7 years ago
Still hoping for a response
7 years ago
The first thing is possible in item rating.
we have created the concept of group so you can use the group and from there you can define element in group.

User sorting is not possiblke in current scenarios as we have used different the database you can find queyr to create highest rating article using sql.
i am working on it but that will take little time for us to implement that.
7 years ago
Awesome thanks for the response!
That just sold me on the 30$ package :)
Be sure to make it known when you finish the second part that would be amazing.
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