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  3. Saturday, October 24 2015
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I'm using Hikashop and I want to rate each product separately. I want to display Item Voting in a module on each product page.
So, in fact I've got two questions:
1. Can I use Item rating on a Hikashop product level?
2. Can I use a module to display Item Rating and so being flexible where exactly I can show Item Rating?

Kind regards, Hans
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You can use item rating for each Hikashop product but you can't load it in a separate module.

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Thanks Tristan,

But does this mean that I only can display ratings in an article? Suppose I would like to present a general, overall rating on the Home page, would I have to display it in an article, so no module available for this? Could you perhaps send me some documentation?

Kind regards, Hans
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May be i am developer and i can answer it more eaisily.
We have integrated item rating field in hikashop as hikashop core plugin.
so if your module support hikashop plugin event then our rating will appear there as well.
for showing general rating on home page you need to create category for hikashop or product for hikashop and our rating will appear there normally.
also we are open to do minor customization if needed.
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Thanks! Please one other thing. Suppose I would like to create rating for general purposes, e..g. "How do you rate our services?" Would it be possible to put this in a module on the home page or would it be in an article?
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the module is not supported yet,
you can create article or category and it will show,
also if module can recognise the plugin event of content then it will call our module box.
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Thanks for all your info. Not yet convinced, but I will keep this option in mind.

Kind regards, Hans
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If you can provide us screenshot of what exactly needed it will be of great help,as we always working on newer version.
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