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  2. Pres-sale questions about Item rating
  3. Wednesday, April 06 2016
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Hey ItemRating Support Squad,

I'm using Item Rating inside of AdsManager, and Item Rating properly shows when I click on the ad I want to read about.
However, if it's a new ad, and I go to add a vote to it, the vote isn't being calculated properly.

With zero default votes set in the backend, ItemRating still says I have 1 vote on the front end. Upon voting a clean 100%, the 1 vote becomes 2 votes, and my score for that particular entry comes to 65.67%, NOT the expected 100%. I have multiple items being rated in the same group, and they all share the same problem.

We've toyed around with settings trying to fix it ourselves, but can't seem to fix this error in vote calculation.
Is there anything you can suggest?

Thank you.
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I have added this on my to do list.i will try to fix this in next version
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Thank you for your quick response.
In the meantime while I wait for the next version to be released, is there any code I can add to fix this myself?

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I will update you on ticket once i implement that
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