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  3. Friday, February 10 2017
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I am looking at this for Hikashop - do you have any online demos of how this might look?

I need each product to be able to receive ratings and reviews, and for the format to be tidy (hikashops built in system is pretty clumsy!)
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Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
Yes, Item rating is integrated with Hikashop.
I'm sorry we don't have any trial/limited version as our plugin are open source.
But, if you encounter any trouble of compatibility, the developer in charge can fix that for you or we can refund you.

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Could you explain briefly how if might be displayed in Hikashop? Would it appear in a panel at the bottom of each product?
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Would it appear in a panel at the bottom of each product?

Yes, at the bottom of each product has an Item rating panel, you can adjust there.

Thanks a lot!
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Coding wise we are based on event system of hikashop which is working good.
It will appear on hook onhikashopafterdisplayview which is at the bottom panel.
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