Tuesday, March 14 2017
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I have two questions :-) I couldn't find this...
1. Is it possible to sort by range? For example, row: | # | Year | other | ... | -> display all rows from 2012 up to 2016 (could be slider or 2 fields from/to).
2. Is it possible to sort table not by header params. (asc., desc., input) only but by choosing from dropdown field with exact positions from table column? For example, column: X|Y|X|X|X|Y|Z -> choose "X" and we have all results (rows) with "X".
Thank you in advance for info,
more than a month ago

Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
1. Droptables can sort asc or desc the columns in a table only. It's impossible with your requirement now.
2. Filtering by dropdown box in a table is not implemented yet, you only filter by typing in textbox on the top of that table. You can try the demo here: https://www.demo-joomunited.com/droptables/table-theme-demo

Hope it helps!
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