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  3. Monday, November 24 2014
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I would like to use Drop Tables to show prices of hotels. In this my net rates are in Thai Baht but my sales price is in Euro.

On behalf of the daily currency exchange rates I would like to update my prices in Euro by just changing the currency rate (which I can manage in Google Spreadsheet). Because of this I have some questions before buying Drop Tables.

Is it possible to:
- Load Google spreadsheet files?
- Is it possible to hide a column?
- Is it possible to retrieve a cell from another spreadsheet? For example for the calculation 500 + 200 / retrieved cell?
- Does Drop Tables support the spreadsheet command V-Lookup?

Please find an example url of my current price table attached.

Thank you very much,
  1. http://khemtittravel.nl/index.php/vakantie-naar-thailand/bangkok/accommodaties-in-bangkok/sathorn/5-sterren-sathorn/577-anantara-sathorn1#prijzen
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I'm sorry, there's no integration with Google spreadsheat yet. You have just an import tool from Excel file.

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