Friday, September 19 2014
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I have an Excel file that is over 100MB and has over 10 interrelated data sheets. We have several users that need to access the file at the same time. The powers that be are very adamant that the data stays in a spreadsheet. This causes lots of problems for us.

Does your solution store cell data in individual DB fields, or is it all combined into one "content" field within the database?
Is there front-end editing of data available?
Can data sheets reference and have formulas that use data from other data sheets/tables?
Can multiple users edit data using the check-in & check-out content management system within the Joomla CMS?
Can the system be set to display only a small portion of data, instead of the entire 100MB+ on every page load?

Well, this is a quite advanced use :)

The frontend edition is of course possible as it works from editor button. So the user editing/lock is done by Joomla with article lock.
Interrelated data sheets are not available as it's very complex to code that for a Joomla extension.
And we haven't restriction for data inside single table. ACL restriction are applied on the component on action (edit own, create, erase,...)

I will ask the developer for data storage stuff.

Maybe Google Drive Sheet is the most advanced online tool you can find for this use.


The datas are combined in one content field.
More over the datas are fully loaded when you're editing a table. Even iF all the cells are only rendered when they are visible, the amount of datas to load is too big to allow to edit it in Droptables.

As Tristan said you can try in Google Spreadsheets but I don't know if you can even manage this big table with Google.

Best regards.

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