Sunday, January 26 2020
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I manage the website for Wherwell History Group. I have an Excel spreadsheet which is a catalogue of old photos, which has columns for unique id, date, title, location, description, etc. I am looking for recommendations for how to upload/display the spreadsheet. The main requirement is for users to select or mouse hover on a catalogue item and see a photo thumbnail which can optionally take them to a full size image or an item within a slideshow or an image within an article. Ideally, I would like to upload all the photos into a media folder 'in one go' and address them via the unique id. I am prepared to code the image link using a snippet of html embedded in the spreadsheet if required. Will Droptables (on Joomla) give me this functionality?

Thanks for contacting us.
You can list images in table using droptables and add link on it, that's not a problem. The problem I see with a spreadsheet solution for photo list is the performance. Depending on the number of pictures you have, it will be a super large table to load and it may takes forever to load on small connections.

In this case I would use Droppics instead, you can add links to articles from pictures in slideshow or in galleries.

Hope it helps.

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