Friday, February 12 2021
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my Joomla installation uses prefix "joomla_".

My current project has custom tables e.g. "app_user" or "app_data".
How can we create tables based on those custom db tables?

A Feature I am waiting for is obviously inline edit.

Are there any plans to offer this feature in the near future?
Are you working on it?

I am currently working with, but I would like to go with table manager.
Because inline edit is not available right now, I will have to stick with current solution + Plotalot.

Can you confirm that you want to use Droptables or WP Table Manager? (Joomla or WP)

9 months ago

my Pro Subscription expired Dec 2020 with dropfiles, droppics and droptables.

I have installed droptables last night with my dev site again in order to do some more testing.

I would love to have table and chart creation with just one extension (droptables).

Joomla version : 3.9.24
Droptables version : 3.5.17
Php version : 7.3.23

I would use droptables and wait for inline edit, but I need to fetch the data from custom db tables (same database as joomla installation).

Here are some more features, where I am not sure if droptables already supports them or will support them in 2021:

1. Change value (int) from database to string on the fly with frontend table. Example:

Cell Value 0 = "Male"
Cell Value 1 = "Female"

Maybe go with a section where we can add custom PHP before table creation in order to manipulate the output.

2. Add a class with cell, if condition true. Example:

Cell Value 100
If cell value < 0, then add class "bg-red"

3. Populate a dropdown inside a cell from database (multiselect possible?), cell datepicker

4. Inlinde edit, delete (multiselect), create

5. Export/Import tables for devs

6. CSV/Excel export frontend

7. Query Filter Conditions e.g. WHERE user_id = $user_id etc.

What does the roadmap look like with droptables?
Have you discussed inline edit before?
How about feature 1, 6 and 7?
9 months ago
Sorry, I have just noticed, that droptables does support custom db tables now.
This one is solved.

How about my other suggestions?
Without Query Filter Conditions (user_id), I can't use droptables with my projects.
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