Thursday, August 23 2018
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Hi guys,

Is there ever a change that WP-Media folder is also coming to Joomla?
I still have not find a very good one for Joomla.
Ark Media can do allot but not drag and drop and stuff :-)

I understand it will be a totally different way because Joomla works with folders.
But i love the view of your manager :-)

4 years ago

Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
Is there ever a change that WP-Media folder is also coming to Joomla?

We will consider that for future plan. You can drag 'n drop images in Droppics.
Please take a look at that:

Hope it helps!
4 years ago
Hi there,

Yes i know!
And i have considered it a few times to use Droppics.
Maybe i test it on a site as media manager.
Now i use it always as gallery tool :-)

Though i think it should improve a little bit as gallery tool.
Better mobile swipe and more beautiful slideshows.
Like the possibility to add a bar like this:
Possibility to show the image fullscreen on a phone/ipad/desktop
Simple image gallery pro feels allot more stable in the lightboxes.
The droppics i always change the design and work a bit to show beautiful pictures.

Though adding and working with pictures is allot better than simple image gallery ofcourse, thats why i use it ;-)

Have a great day!
4 years ago
What would be a great feature is that you can set Droppics as default media manager (a setting to override the default one)
So when you somewhere click on choose media it will load Droppics instead of joomla media... Viewer :-D
I never call it manager because you can't manage anything there.

I use Ark Extensions there Media Manager and that pops up instead of Joomla.
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