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  3. Wednesday, April 27 2016
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I translate Droppics, but how i insert this into my site?
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Main language files are in folder: administrator\components\com_droppics\language

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Wat happens during un update?

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If it's a language other than en-GB, nothing will happens, you'll keep your language.

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I am sorry but i have done now an update and everthing is went in english so what i do wrong?
Please explane me that step by step

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OK, here's an example for a french language file.

1. Create a folder that correspond to your language in administrator/components/com_droppics/language
Ex. for a French language file your folder name will be: administrator/components/com_droppics/language/fr-FR

2. Create and name your language file properly
Ex. for a French language file: fr-FR.com_droppics.ini

3. Put that language file in administrator/components/com_droppics/language/fr-FR

4. Make sure you site language is both backend and frontend setup by default to the language you want.

If you still have issues please drop us a ticket (menu Support > Ticket), we can help with that in a private section.

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