Monday, October 30 2017
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Hi, I'm using Dropfiles 5.0.0, just bought. I have a category with a few files, but when I add them in an article the themes are not as shown in the administrator panel previews or in in your site previews, and default theme is not responsive. See the screenshot attached:

Default theme
pic 01 (my site): the "g" in the titles (images (01) images (02)) are cut, in pic 02 (preview in admin panel) this is not happening;
in the first two rows, the white file boxes don't fill the rows width, leaving grey space between them and on the right; this is not happening in pic 02 (preview), where the white boxes take all rows width in two elegant columns;

in pic 01 the third, fourth and fifth files are not displayed in two columns, but in three separate rows. This is happening, I think, because I added a description for each of these files, but I suppose they should be in columns even with descriptions. Anyway, even in a single row the white file boxes don't take all the row width, leaving grey space on the right, and each row has a different width (see the position of download button).

pic 03: a screenshot of my site in mobile mode: as you can see, the default theme IS NOT responsive.

Table Theme

pic 04: in the second column (Title) long titles are randomly cut: 'download' word becomes "downlo" with the "ad" on a new line, and this is not happening in your preview (pic 05). In the last column, the Settings icon is covering "Download" title and the Download buttons are slightly out of the white row. Once again, I think this is happening because of description fields.

Am I doing something wrong? How can I have the themes as shown in your elegant previews?
Thank you.
5 years ago
I'm sorry, I posted in the wrong forum. The issues are about Dropfiles and not Droppics. I can't edit the message to put in the right section.

I'm sorry we do not provide support through the forum.
Your issue may be caused by some css definitions in your theme which may interfere with our component

Please create a support ticket and a developer will help you to solve this issue .

Best regards
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