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  3. Thursday, February 02 2017
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I would buy droppics, but first I have two question for you:

The first: I wanted to understand if it is possible to have sub-categories with different style from the main category?
CAT-1 (style default)
-- sub CAT-2 (style masonry)
I ask you this, why in some gallery the theme of the main category cannot to be masonry, and consequently the style of the sub-category can not be masonry
For me is basilar that the subcategory are displayed in masonry style, because I have in each category, images in landscape and in portrait, and I don't like thumbnails cropped, your thumb are not cropped... or Yes?.

The second: Image it's possible upload images from my site server and not only to my pc?
At the end I did three questions...... I hope not to have taken advantage of your patience
Thank for your time.
Best Regards
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thanks for contacting us.
1. Yes you can setup a different for each category. The thumbnails are not cropped.
2. You mean upload images you already have on your server? If so, yes that's possible, Droppics got an importer.

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I'm testing now droppics, but the function "image importer" don't work. After I selected a photo, when i click on button IMPORT, nothing is happening. If I drag the file into the box at the top, the system tells me: Your browser does not support HTML5 file uploads (firefox & chrome).
Where is the problem?
PS If in the folder name there are spaces or punctuation, the inside images are not displayed
Thank for your time.
Best Regards
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In order to have a deeper look at your problem, please drop us a ticket (menu Support > Ticket support). The developer in charge will take a look at that.

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