Monday, December 11 2017
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Im excited that i found this Droppics.
Im searching for alternative for the way i work right now:

- Users upload pictures through a flash uploader (no support flash in 2020)
- The flash uploader resizes the pictures to predefined size, for example 3000x2000 becomes 1000x700. This saves server disk space. Also compression of jpeg quality. A 6 Mb pictures becomes a 300kb picture
- then users have to type a code to display a gallery

I looks like droppics is a very good alternative.
Only thing im not sure is that the compression and resize happens.
This is very important due to server-disk space.

The website is a blog for a school. Every teacher for 20 classes, posts galleries each week with 50 pictures...
Thanks in advance
4 years ago
Is there also a demosite where i can test droppics?
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