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  2. Pres-sale questions about Droppics
  3. Wednesday, August 27 2014
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Hi, I need some infos before buying your Droppics extension.

Custom theme
I'm looking for a module extension (or plugin) to show a gallery with just one row of images, next/previos buttons AND responsive (see attached link).

There is any theme just ready or planned to be released? If not, where can I found some documentation to develop my custom theme?

My web server is behind a proxy then it can not call outside resources. This may cause some installation problem?

Thanks in advance and.. sorry for my bad english!

  1. http://demo.joomlashine.com/joomla-extensions/show/slid-28/scid-17.html?h=350&jsnisid=1353985548&w=600px
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For the moment it is not planned.

But we have a slider theme which can be, with some few modifications, like you want.
You can have an idea of the result here : http://bxslider.com/examples/carousel-static-number-slides.

You can easily edit the plugin or even create your own taking exemple on the default plugin, in your case you should have to edit the script inside the bxslider plugin to (more or less three lines to add)

All the scripts needed by Droppics are loaded from your website, so there is no problem to install Droppics behind a proxy.

Best regards.

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