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  3. Tuesday, December 03 2013
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1. when create gallery, with Droppics , in joomla, is it possible automatic get that gallery/image, on my facebook?
If is not, do you have in plan to implement it?
2. Is it possible to leave comments on images (facebook or some other)

I want to buy Bunble Droppics + themes & Dropfiles + Themes

Best regards
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1. You mean share it on facebook with a share button?
If so droppics images are classical images like Joomla, so if if you share the page link the image should be taken back by facebook.

2. No there's no comment feature implemented on Droppics.
We are currently working on a next version, you can add your feature request in the forum, it's interesting.

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Great, lets start spend some money ,

Best regards
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Hi, one more, I want to translate to my native language, Croatian. Is extension using joomla core language translation system or must use some other extension to translate, like, Falang
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Yes of course we are Joomla native language files.
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