Thursday, July 11 2013
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Hello, first off im glad to have found this product, it sounds promising.

My website is using k2 for all my articles, photos, and galleries and K2's biggest flaw (IMO) is how to upload galleries because its so outdated, tedious, and inefficient to use zip files to upload photos. I would have thought they would have changed it by now, but this is where your product steps in, do you have an online demo to access with K2 so I can see hands on or a video with a K2 setup?

I want to know if I would have to create galleries with Droppics in the Text/Description tab or Image Galleries tab? My site is using OSE membership and photo galleries are for members only so I don't want the general public to have access to them. If i had to create Droppics galleries in the Text/Description tab then the general public would have access and that wouldn't work for me.

Also, where are the photos stored, would it still be using the K2 media folder, or can I set the folders for storage, or is it strictly using joomla media manager?

Are users able to download the photos? right click save or incorporate an option to download pics with a button?

Is there a demo with how the watermark feature works, where are the watermark positions are, can we select the position or is it pre-set? and is it flattend with the photo when pics are downloaded so the photos keep the watermark?

Thank you!
8 years ago
Hello, Thanks for interested in droppic. Sorry we haven't got online demo of Droppics integrated with K2 extension. But our product can work with K2 well. And you can only create galleries using Droppics in the Text/Description tab of K2 item.
And the dropics extension is designed for public gallery, we don't implement it for private gallery.

8 years ago
Thank you Vien!
7 years ago
Если droppics не интегрируется как галерея K2 то ваше объявление о поддержке K2 только реклама и обман, K2 использует редактор в котором есть кнопка Droppics и только.
7 years ago
If droppics not integrated as a gallery K2 your ad support K2 only advertising and hype, K2 uses the editor in which there is a button Droppics only.
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