Wednesday, December 14 2016
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We would like to accomplish the following:

  • We have multiple registered users; we want to enable them to create and manage their own galleries at the front end.
  • We want to create menu items per year and allow the users to assign their own galleries to the appropriate menu item(s) - again at the front end.
  • All registered users should be able to view all galleries.
  • When not logged in, the galleries should be hidden.

Example: our menu could look like this:
- Galleries
- - 2016
- - 2017
- - etc.

Each user should be able to assign his galleries to one of these menu items. When viewing the site, on a page like Galleries > 2016 you would see galleries submitted by different users for that year.

Would this be possible using Droppics?

Kind regards,

5 years ago

Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
You can restrict user to manage picuture on backend and frontend. However, it's impossible to assign single folder to user.
For more details:


You can't assign an image category to a user but you can setup users to manage only their own image categories (they won't see others categories)

5 years ago
Thanks for your reply.

We would like to 'collect' the image galleries that were uploaded by different users in a time period of, say one year, on one page. Can we enable the users to assign their galleries to the correct page? Or could we just setup one page for the current year and have all galleries that are submitted on that page?

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