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  Thursday, August 13 2015
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Hi -
I'm interested in your extensions and see great potential. I'm wondering if they can work together to achieve a very powerful result.

Can Droppics and Dropfile be mapped to use the same folder tree? What I am envisioning is that people taking photos of an event can post them into a site's Google Drive in a subfolder of a Dropfile managed gallery folder. Dropfile would replicate the subfolder into the site's file system and establish a category for the new subfolder. Droppics would then dynamically display the subfolder in an existing gallery based on the parent gallery folder and make the album of images (category) viewable on the site.

How far can we get with the software as it is and if the core extension files of one of the two extensions were updated to use the same root folder, could something like this be built? Any alternative suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

Seems very advanced. i'm sorry Droppics has not been built integrated with Google Drive neither with taking pictures from Dropfiles.

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