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  3. Friday, October 30 2015
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Very interested in purchases all of your products. I see Dropfiles works with Google Drive just fine, the way I would want Droppics to integrate with Google Photos/Drive. I dont want to host our pictures on my site, but just use Google Drive to get the pictures. Any chance there are plans for making this work? I purchased this plugin to insert pics from google into an article, works with google api. Would love to see this type of drag/drop from google drive for droppics for my end users. If not, anywhere I could start to make it happen?
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Google Drive is a thing, Google photo another one, the plugin you've bought is doing a good job with Drive.
We are looking and waiting for Google Photo to be more open to developers. This is something we'll definitively integrated to Droppics once a decent API will be available.

Thanks! cheers,
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