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  3. Monday, November 11 2013
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After I installed "DROPPICS", It can be used.
But when I installed themes( pkg_droppicsthemespack_v1.2.8.zip ),It failed.
Become a white screen,without any text and images.
How can I do?

BTW pkg_dropfilesthemespack can be installed successfully.

My Joomla version is 3.2
Thank you for your help.
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It's a bug on the very latest version of Joomla for the themes package.
We have fixed this bug in the latest release. It will be available soon in the download page (few hours).

May can I suggest you to open a support ticket for this kind of problems for the next time (http://www.joomunited.com/support/ticket-support), it's better if we need to exchange confidential informations or share files with you.

Best regards.

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It installed successfully !
Thank you very much :o
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hello !
I have exactly the same problem with the themes pack download in October
Should I buy the complete package?
Thank you in advance
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Yes, you will need the component and the themes because both has been updated.

Best regards.

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