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  3. Thursday, March 02 2017
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I am considering buying only the dropocs version.
I see on the page https://www.joomunited.com/products/droppics

That it is not linked with dropeditor?
I am surprised and I do not understand.
Do you have screens that explain the difference with the full version that integrates everything?
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Droppics is working "alone" with any editor. DropEditor is absolutely not mandatory.
DropEditor helps us to show a light version of the droppics extension.

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Hi Tristan,
Thanks for the quick response :)

I understood this but do you have a backoffice or images to actually see the difference between
Dropeditor free + dropics paying
And the bundle drop.

And dropeditor really goes with all editors: eg CB activities?
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Thanks. The free version includes only single image management, it means you can upload single images, manage it, create categories.
What is not included is all the gallery features and all the themes.

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