Saturday, August 12 2017
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I was a subsriber until June.
Now I am thinking about renewing.
I have a question though:

When I put a single picture into an article, Droppics adds some numbers to the filename.
Say the filename is "mypicture.img" it will look like "mypicture.img?3284348756"

The problem is: I am using another plugin that takes the first image in an article text and creates a thumbnail. This thumbnail is then set as "Article Intro Image". So I do not have to set the intro image myself anymore. That is important to me. The Plugin is called "Raxo".

Unfortunately, Raxo does not recognize the image anymore because Droppics adds this ?123123987 to the filename.
When I remove the ?123123987 part manually, Raxo finds the image and sets it as intro image, just as I need it.

So I would like to ask you if there is a way to prevent Droppics from adding this number string to the filename. It breaks my other plugin (which I also paid good money for). Removing the string manually works just fine, so I think Droppics doesnt really need this.

Thank you!

This number are used to identify and treat (apply all the settings you have on the right side) to the image so unfortunately they can't be removed.
Though I don't understand why "Raxo" don't detect that image as it's just a jpg or a png image added in your content?
Did you contact them about that?

4 years ago
Thank you for your reply.

I already asked the Raxo team (

They say that the addition of those numbers renders their extension unable to detect the image.

I see that the browser still can render images correctly even if there is something like ?123123 added to the filename.

Well, when I remove those numbers manually in the text editor, droppics still shows the image correctly, as far as I can see.
Could you maybe provide me with a workaround to stop droppics from adding these numbers?

You would help me very much :) If so I will renew my subscription.

The number added is the latest file timestamp, this is mandatory to use it or the image served maybe an old version in cache.
This is very simple to remove though, if you want you can ask Raxo to contact us and we will give them the procedure to do it (this is really a small stuff).

4 years ago
Thank you, gladly! May I give them an eMail adress?
He can use tristan [at] joomunited [dot] com
4 years ago
Thank you! Five days ago I handed your mail adress to them.
I have gotten no answer yet (which does not necessarily have to mean much)
I wanted to ask if the contacted you?

No I didn't receive any contact since then.

4 years ago
I was afraid of that.

Would you like to write here (or in a private message) some hints that I can forward to them?

They asked me what you suggest they do - and after that I asked them to contact you which they havent done yet.
As they did not answer me either I am not sure if they are maybe reluctant to contact you themselves. So I am willing to forward any information you can give to them. Maybe that is ok for them.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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