Tuesday, May 20 2014
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I use the droppics gallery. Is it possible here, from the front end out, download images in full size?


What do you mean by download?
You can display image full size or use a download manager like dropfiles.

8 years ago
Once thanks for the reply.
What I mean is this: As a visitor to my website I see my gallery pictures. Then I want to download my single images, but in full size. Now when I "save image" on an image to the lightbox with a right click on go, the full size of the image is not downloaded but a poorer quality.
On the server, for example, is an image with the size 810 319 bytes, when I download it, but it's only 363 047 bytes.
7 years ago
I have the same question. Problem with Dropfies is, not example is visible (thumbnail).
I need full size download option, is is possible?

I am a new customer and I've purchased Droppics for this purpose...

My gallery need to share professional picture without lossy compression. At first glance, the client need to see a gallery picture with preview thumbnail (droppics is doing that) when they select a picture the client client need to see a second thumbnail but larger. What i'm looking for is a way to offer the opportunity to download the full size resolution. Like that my client can go with is picture with full resolution to a professional printer.

Well after purchasing, I can't find a way to easily offer my clients to download a full size picture (without droppics altercation). And I don't see a way to offer a download link or button as Simple Image Gallery Pro or Phoca gallery are offering.

I have tried to give more width and more height to my pictures to see how the component will behave and the result was that my picture where style transformed.. and the picture was much more eavy...

Thanks for your answer.

The original image size is only kept for dynamic resizing purpose.
There's currently no automatic way to put the full image in download. The image compression can be disabled from parameters.

Dropfiles has a preview now and you can make the file downloadable.

6 years ago
Hi there,

I would really appreciate the feature requested above in DropPics.
Maybe it would be possible to add a new option to the "Theme Parameters" for a category to
"Show Download Button: Yes / No".
And then - if yes - having a small download button beneath the pictures or on mouse hover.

This feature would really improve this extension a lot! Since there are so many advantages in this extension over other image galleries already and this seems to be holding some customers back. Especially the ones who are dealing with professional photography. And just image if you those customers over. They would then propably give advice to their photography friends also to buy this extension. I see potential here ;)

I don't know if it is very complex or difficult to implement something like this, but it will surely be most beneficial for your customers and definitely for the list of features of droppics.

Kind regards!

I understand the request, we'll take a look at that and add it in the new version.

5 years ago
Hello again. Its quite a while since i last checked in here.
I am considering to renew my DropPics subscription from a while back and just wanted to know if there were some huge changes over the last couple of months?
In particular I am still interested in the features requested above. Is a "high-quality image" download feature, of even multiple download with a tick-box implemented in the current DropPics version or is that a planned feature for upcoming versions?

Kind regards!
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