Sunday, June 02 2013
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The Droppics is awesome and I'm really like it's user friendly interface. However I still have a one question and one suggestion. :)

  1. I know that the Droppics only support HTML5 upload but I just wondering why I can't do it with IE10? I have a few gallery management components (e.g. Simple Image Gallery Pro) and they're working fine with the IE10 HTML5 upload. If the drag and drop can't work in that way at least you should let me upload the files with some traditional ways for those browsers. It is also the main problem you scared me away to buy the Dropfiles component.
  2. Is it possible to have an option to allow the auto popup size (scale to fit to the browser size) and adjust the quality of the pictures? The photos are too small and blurry while I'm trying to view them with a high resolution screen.
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