Wednesday, January 21 2015
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I have a question. i have an mp3 file download site. Now i have about 120.000mp3 they are all on my server. i saw your video with importing files from server. all looks okey.
Can you tell me, can this script contain this amout number of files? or will my server crash down.
does this script add all files to sql? and search option works?
or does this script just make server "folder" visible on site in content?


You will not be able to import all this 120000 files in one shot. You will need to divide the import process.
I can't give you a number of file you can import in one time as it depends on your server configuration.

You will have to create the folders first in the component admin.
It doesn't create folders as it (shown on front end) mainly du to access restriction to folder.
Informations about file are of course saved into database.

6 years ago

yes i know all files at once cant be published... that was not what i need to know.
does this script use sql? will server handle this much files?
Does this script have player Block, when some one wants to download file, the file acutely downloads, and does not opet any players on pc like real palyer ect...
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