Friday, August 16 2013
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Hi guys, Dropfile looks really nice, but I have a question:

A) Will every article have its own dropfile-box?
B) is is that when I make a new article that I can only show the existing drop-filebox that I made earlier? So all articles show the same dropfilebox?

What I would like is to make is that I have 2 or 3 articles with some text.
For example:
- One article with the name: "presentations of Carl" and an introduction.
- And another article with "presentations of John"

After each introduction-text I want to make a "dropfile" box as the video shows.
What would be nice of course is that the two articles each has its individual dropfile-box with only the presentions of that person.

Not sure I have understood your first question but I will try to answer as better I can.

In each article you will have an editor button to open Dropfiles in a lightbox. You will be able to create as many categories you want and include one or more time each category in one or more articles.
A category includes as many files you want.

So you will be able to create two Dropfiles box (categories), one for John the other for Carl and include each one in the article you want.

Best regards.

8 years ago
Hi Damien,

I understand that my quetion was confusing, but you understood me well.
Thanks for your answer. :-)
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