Wednesday, April 27 2016
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HI, is there any EDOA for the integration of Dropbox on the Joomla DropFiles component ?
Thanks in advance...

We can't give dates or guaranties on new features for various reasons.
It mainly depends on the development roadmap we've defined for the developer and problems we may encounter during this period :)

What I can say is that we are currently finishing a new version 3.4 that will include a stat dashboard, an upload form... and the next major will be the 4.0 with Dropbox. It's a long shot to integrate such component with their API, I would say 3 month at least from now.

5 years ago
Hi Tristan, thanks o lot for your answer...
I guess what such a development can be :-)
Your component already rocks !
It is just a feature needed by one of my customer...
But I will wait as Dropfile is the only one component which offer such solution at least with Google drive !
Thanks a lot!
We already add Dropbox integration in the WP version so we should go a bit faster than for Google Drive ;)
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