Thursday, February 05 2015
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Does it modify the v poor K2 attachments tab or something else?

Can I see screen shot?

Does it have smart search plugin?
more than a month ago

Nope it does not fix poor K2 stuff :) joking.
In fact you have a plugin for K2 that allows you to insert files in K2 editor (category or single file)

Yes it works with smart search.

more than a month ago

Anyway you're plugin could add the files as "additional fields"?

This would allow for layout manipulation through K2 template.
more than a month ago
p.s. your joke doesn't go far enough!
K2 file handling is a total let down to the product, especially after all they time they've had to improve it. amongst many such issue...
more than a month ago
OK :)

Nope I don't think so, files can only be loaded in WYSIWYG editor.

more than a month ago
OK, thanks. :(
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