Thursday, August 15 2013
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With Droppics, we can select a different theme each time we insert a gallery. Is the same kind of thing not possible with Dropfiles? For example, I want to use the "ggd" theme when inserting a single file, but on pages with lots of files, I want to use the "tree" or "table" theme. So far I can only figure out how to set a global theme...

Hi Chris,

With Dropfiles you will only be able to set a theme for all your website, not just for a category because we think a theme is used for all the website.
But I understant the way you want to use Dropfiles.

Maybe you can create another post to the feature request category, more customers will need it more we will try to add this feature soon ;)

Best regards.

8 years ago
Ok, I'll post it in the feature request category. I think others would probably find it useful too. Thanks for the quick reply :)

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