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  3. Thursday, May 07 2015
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Hi all,
I was wondering if it was possible to use groups of users and allowed certain type of groups to view files and other not?

I would like to know if it's possible to use it like a netexplorer component?

thanks for answering me.

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Hi Mike,

Yes you can allow or not certain users to see/download or not files.

I don't really know netexplorer and all depends of the features you want.
But if it's for sharing documents in your website you can do this with Dropfiles. a

Best regards.

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ok thanks for the answer Damien,

can we work online with other users ?
I mean, open .doc files online, work and save and put it back as a new version ?
meanwhile other people can download the new version of it?

I hope you understand me...

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We provide a connection to Google Drive which allow you to do that.

We will soon add other cloud like oneDrive and Dropbox.

Best regards.

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