Tuesday, May 03 2016
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i read the presale forum, but i am not fully sure if dropfiles is the right thing.

i need a download area, where user can download out of a public folder and one for their category (i.e. different countries). also, there should be frontend users, who can upload.

the structure should be like:
- Public Downloads
- Downloads for all registered Users
- Country 1
-- upoload (where all users can upload)
(here are subfolders, who hold special types, like manuals in one, product descriptions in another, product movies in a third...here should only the manager of the categorie be able to upload)
-- folder 1
-- folder 2
-- folder 3

users groups would be one main group, who has full access, reading and writing, and 2 groups for each country (read and write). the country groups should only see public, registered and their own folder.

also, is there a possibility to unpublish files at a certain date, so its not available anymore automaically?

and...finally...the most important question: do i have a progress bar, when uploading in frontend, so that users see if upload is still going on?


OK, it's a YES for all features except for the "possibility to unpublished files at a certain date, so its not available anymore automatically".
This last feature will be available on the next week (this is one of the major feature of the next version).

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