Wednesday, March 15 2017
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How well doest Speed Cache work with other non standard Joomla extensions?

Like EasyBlog, EasySocial etc etc


Yes that's possible, you just need to configure the component to:
- Activate cache for loggedin users based on rules (for example for Easy Social)
- Activate cache for a whole part of the website for example for Easyblog, here we have Easy blog and use a rule like:*

5 years ago
I don't understand the answer.

If we have something like Easysocial, would using speedcache make a difference to the loading times of that application?
Would the dynamic content work without problems?
5 years ago
Hi Tristan
Hi Beany,

i am have the same problems. the last version of speed cache is much better than the prior version but i am still faced with a lot of problems.
i also use the stackideas bundle and tried to find the propper settings for weeks now and these are the main problems, by using

cache for logged in, cache file per user, activated recache with cron (5 minutes), set cache life time to 5 minutes

1) frontpage activity stream displays the new activities of the user in es, when the cache time is expired, fe after 5 minutes
2) users can not log in on different devices within the cache lifetime, fe desktop and smartphone, because - if a user tries to use both devices at the same time
you see the desktop version on smartphone or the smartphone template on desktop:(
3) i guess there are the same cache problems on easydiscuss or easyblog
4) as adviced by joomunited i removed t3 and uses now no extra template framework - no changes:(
5) i still dont know exactly whats the propper settings in joomla cache,
5.1) i dont know whats the propper setting for preload cache :(
5.2 whats the difference between preload for logged in - preload per user:o
5.3 whats the difference between cache url inclusion and ulr cache inclusion rules:o
6) is it possible or makes it sense to use jotcache too - because jotcache creates extra cache for different devices
7) may joomunited is able to find a way to create extra settings to handle cache for logged in users in communities like easysocial
8) tutorials are extremly Incomplete:(

best regards
1 year ago
Hello! have you sorted out these issues though I am also very interested to use Speed Cache for EasSocial, EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss too and it would be great if JotCache :p could be implemented to work also in future right now for Joomla 4! :D

Any update or progress?
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