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  3. Wednesday, February 13 2019
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- is there any feature to check if content changes during a time period, the cache will automatically be purged and re-biuilt for any pages that are relevant to that ?change.
- about Image Compression quota (1Gb and 3Gb) : is it for all websites or for every website using speed cache extension?

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Thanks for contacting us.
1. The cache regeneration is based on actions (or delay), so when the user save an article the cache can regenerated.
2. It's for all the website you want, it's not necessary to install SpeedCache

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ok so If I understand correctly :

1. this means : if my page display HELLO then she is cached. after that, I modify my page with HELLO WORLD. when I save it from joomla back-end, then this specific page is automatically refreshed on cache an HELLO WORLD is displayed on public website?

2. Image Compression quota can be used separatly from speed cache?
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1. Yes, the cache is cleaned automatically on saving but all page cache will be cleaned. Then, if you've selected to regenerate cache automatically after saving, the new version of the page will be returned (cached). See attached.

2. Yes because that's a separate component

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ok many thabnks for your feedback
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