Thursday, October 13 2016
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Hello, should any of the Joomla cache mechanisms be used with this? I would not use the Joomla System Cache Plugin but what about the caching in Global Configuration. e.g. conservative cache or progressive? Or should this be used all on it's own and the Joomla cache be set to off/none?

How well does this work with a CDN like Amazon Cloudfront?

Thank you

You can use the progressive or the conservative cache depending on your website (more informations here
It will use on the page where SpeedCache is not used.
The Joomla cache plugin must be disabled.

You can buy the 6 month plan and when you want upgrade to a yearly plan.
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Best regards.

5 years ago
OK thanks, sorry I changed my question after I bought a year subscription. I saw some of this answered in the extension.

Can you tell me about the CDN and if it works with that?

Yes it works with no problem.
SpeedCache doesn't affect the rendered content, only the time to render it ;)
5 years ago
So this means it works with settings like Memcache conservative persistent? and/or compressions? also with Cloudflare CDNs?


Yes that's correct.

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