Monday, July 11 2016
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It would be awesome if there was a way to have a portion of the cache (for example for a specific article) refresh when editing it. Someday my site will likely have members editing thousands of articles often, so it would be silly to have the entire site cache cleared constantly. Clearing the cache for the article edited makes a lot of sense by:

1. Reducing server load by only re-caching what is modified, instead of the entire site hundreds of times per day.

2. Re-caching the article allows for the content itself to be fully modern so that the viewers see's the corrected version.

3. In theory this would make the site even faster due to the cache not having to re-cache often (except for the individual articles edited).

Making the cache efficient is a very important aspect for web communities. :)
Hi Josh,

This feature is already planned for a next version ;-)

It will be a bit difficult as our system is based on urls and not on a component uri. (The router is even not called to save time and respond even faster)
But we'll try to find the best way to deal with that.

Best regards

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