Monday, August 01 2016
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JotCache vs SpeedCache

Free vs Paid

Please convince me why is SpeedCache better than JotCache...How do I benefit if I buy SpeedCache.

Best regards!
6 years ago

Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
Well, here are some advantages of SpeedCache:
- User friendly.
- Fix the Joomla Expire Headers.
- Check PHP 7 version or PHP supported.
- Cache for logged in users.

Hope it helps!

I would say that SpeedCache also :
- handles the major problem of Joomla and other cache system which is the token issue. It means that Speedcache will work with most of the forms.
- includes easy browser cache for log users or not.
- allows to cache file per user or globally. In the case you want to cache pages that shows different content depending on the user connected.
- dedicated support
- will included in next version more great features like css/js compression

Best regards,

5 years ago
I have used JotCache for years. It's a great one, but with almost no support, more than a few bugs, don't handle so well re-cahce after save and browser cache delete... Using speed cache for few days, sure, it need some more features but the base of it is really good, you have support and I believe it's going to be a very good (and needed) cache extension.
5 years ago
So this is good questions and hope that this cache component also can improve :D
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