Thursday, September 06 2018
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Do you support Incapsula CDN? I have an account with them and faced issues with the CName not pointing to SSL. I am also using JotCache and willing to switch to speed Cache. My website has over 18K articles in K2, no front-end login and updated every other month. I am concerned about the recaching after deleting cache as my site goes down when I delete the cache because of the heavy daily visits (about 85-95K per day)

What would be the best Speed Cache setup for me?
3 years ago

Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
Do you support Incapsula CDN?

We have not tested with Incapsula, our extension supports cloudfalre, netcdn, maxcdn now.
What would be the best Speed Cache setup for me?

It's not easy to say that's the best for your site because I don't know which extensions conflict on your site and
have no experience with your site.
For using our Speed Cache, you need setup URL cache and enable some parameters.

Hope it helps!

I would add that most of the CDN don't require specific integration and will then work well with SpeedCache.
Please check the documentation here
It should then work with Incapsula even that we have not tested it.
However if it would not work, we can of course refund have a look to see if we can integrate it and if it's not possible issue a refund.

Best regards,
3 years ago
Thanks guys. No need for refund. I will try it and compare results to what I already have (jotCache) then I will decide. Most likely, I will continue using it on my other sites.

Mainly, I need it for K2 categories and articles and Joomla contents. Will buy and try then let you know regarding Incapsula and the rest.

Thanks again,
Dr. Eyad
3 years ago
OK. So, things did not go well. Site was messed up. I had to restore. I think it is because my stuff is old. I went back to previous setup with jotCache as it is working. I would not ask for a refund as I might use it in a new and well-set up website. Or, if possible, try to change the component.

Thank you anyway for your support and awesome extensions.

Dr. Eyad
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