Friday, July 01 2016
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Hi there, I have some questions regarding the new speed cache extension please:

1) Can your extension work alongside JCH Optimise? Or will this cause problems if a site has both of these extensions working together?

2) If I am running for example, a Zoo Blog on my website (and I therefore wish to exclude this component from being cached because it will be constantly updated), is this possible? This is the major problem with the Joomla cache as you are unable to exclude components etc.

3) Joomla cache also causes issues with Forms, for instance RS Forms Pro does not work properly when the cache is on. When I spoke to RS Joomla about this problem this is what they told me:
“Joomla! caching is a real problem here since it caches the whole appearance of the page (and PHP never has a chance to run and therefore the form will not work). I strongly suggest not using caching in Joomla! (at least not until they come up with more advanced parameters for it - for example to disable caching on a specific page / component)."

Will your extension fix this problem?

Thanks very much :)


Yes it should work with JCH optimize without any issue.
In a next release we'll also add to our component file minification, optimization and much more.

Our system is based on including page urls, so you have full control on what you want to cache or not.

The Joomla cache plugin doesn't handle correctly security tokens, but you're lucky, ours in most of the cases will work.
You can cache pages with forms and as you have full control on the url that are cached, you can do what you want.

It's because of this problems with the Joomla cache plugin that we've made our own extension.
So yes our extension will fix that.

Best regards,
6 years ago
Thanks very much Damien. Excellent, I am very happy to read your answers, and will be buying the extension now :)

Thank you for building an extension that has been needed by the community for a long time
3 years ago
I am running the two extensions together and the site performs impeccably and very quickly. I am over the moon as I had some users getting on my back re performance.
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