Friday, July 01 2016
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We're very interested in your new Cache speed component, since we have a lot of problems with dropfiles (with GoogleDrive sync, actually).

Can you confirm (or even show us an example) if we can improve dropfiles (google sync) performance with your caching app? We're working with different caching apps right now, but there are a lot of problems with other components (shops, forms, calendars) that instantly "screw up", as soon as gzip or other speed measures are in use.

Would be great, if we could count on your component to bring the dropfiles performance to the level, the customers are expecting it (we have a lot of complains but we still believe in dropfiles / google! ;-)).



This is not the same problem I would say :)
We will soon implement a file indexation for Google drive files, it should solve the major part of your problem that happens massive requests on Google Drive.

Though Speed Cache extension, will certainly improve your performance and avoid conflicts. The conflicts usually came from file minification not cache systems.

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