Friday, November 09 2018
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Hello !

I'm using SpeedCache with full satisfaction.

But there is ONE annoying issue for me as Joomla admin.

Why "Manage Cached Pages" admin table does not contain the records of file name under /cache/speedcache for cached pages ?
The solution seems to be very simple.

Just add one more field to "__speedcache_urls" table.

And when SpeedCache creates/recreates a cachefile for a Joomla page like (for example)

/cache/speedcache/00a78bcc2f3bd45ae0a145c86fe58a66.php - let your script writes according record with filename


to this MySQL field - and so on for every cached page.

With this improvement admin can see and control WHAT FILE FOR WHAT PAGE and vise versa.

Please, consider this necessary functional enhancement with developers !

Thanks in advance for your attention,

Best regards

3 years ago

Thanks for adding your feature request here. We’ll keep that in mind for a future release!

3 years ago
I hope this function will be implemented asap !
SpeedCache is really good component for Joomla.
But this is the only way how admin can understand and control physical cache files to avoid a mess or errors.
It's really necessary.
Waiting for your next release !
2 years ago
I have purchased SpeedCache and use it on my site and think it's great overall. But I would REALLY also like to see this feature added! :) I run a company where I only need to clear the cache for one or two pages at a time. But the pages are different each time and I need to clear them frequently. Although I have figured out which pages they are based on the general size of the files, it would be really helpful if the different names were included. Plus I haven't seen this feature in any other similar product so it would set SpeedCache apart from its competitors (and I would buy it just based on that feature alone). Thanks!
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