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  3. Thursday, February 11 2021
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We want to make a pricing table (4 categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) + a very simple configurator in one table.
And only showing the starting price.
So, the final button must be something like 'get offer!'. We got an email with the selected options by the customer and we will provide the final price.

See appendix to give an idea. Is this possible with Joomunited?

Thanks a lot!
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The table layout can be done with WP Table Manager indeed. What is not possible is the dropdown option in the cell (Up to x users...).

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Hi, Thank you for your reply.

Okay, a dropdown is not that necessary.
But...the requirement is that customers have the option to select some options within that table.

After selection the preferences, the customer click on 'get quotation'. --> Fill in their name + email.
We will receive their selected preferences.

Is this possible?
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Or a data export based on that the customer selected in the tables... Something like that is also fine.
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OK I understand but there's no possibility to add dynamic fields in the table. I think a form plugin would be better for that type of use :)

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