Saturday, June 18 2016
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Helo Team,

I am already a WP Media folder user, and so happy with it. I was wondering if I could extend my workflow with WP Table Manager:

I am creating an e-commerce site in WordPress and was wondering if I could use this plugin to directly create my products database in it, and then create the individual products in woocommerce from it... I've seen your plugin is quite compatible but am not certain I could use it for this I've mentioned.

Thanks for your time,


WP Table manager can be used in a WooCommerce product view, in the description field, usually to add information to the product.
But you can't use it a tool to create product.

What would be the interest for you of using WP Table Manager than WooCommerce to create products? Can you be a bit more specific on that.

5 years ago
Hello Tristan, Thank you for your quick response,

In fact I was thinking about optimizing the e-commerce back-end workflow / experience in WordPress, by managing "everything" directly in there. Your product looked like a great candidate for that, maybe it would be a great feature in some future version...

My thought was to create e-commerce product inventories / catalogs (pictures, SKUs, prices, inventory / stock etc...) directly inside WordpPress using your plugin, and then this would "automatically" convert the database into woo-commerce (or other e-commerce plugins!) products.

That would save the shop managers some steps as to create "traditional" spreadsheet catalogs, then exporting them to XML or CSV, importing them into WP, etc...

You could use one unique comprehensive tool inside wordpress for your shop's catalog / inventory... Would be great, my humble opinion.

Thanks again for your time, and nevertheless I've marked this plugin in my wishlist for other uses, it looks great!

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