Friday, July 13 2018
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Hello and good day to you :)

we are experiencing an error when cut/copy cells or rows: When pasting the copied cell/row into another cell/row, the underlying cell/row is overwritten (both cells/rows are selected after pasting).

In the attached screencast I have been using shortcuts „cmd + c“ to copy the content from B7 and „cmd + v“ to paste into D7. You can clearly recognize that the field below D7 will be overwritten after pasting.

Could you please check and fix the issue?

Thank you and kind regards,
3 years ago

Thanks for your feedback us here about this extension.
In order to have a deeper look at your problem, please drop us a ticket (menu Support > Ticket support). Our developer in charge will take a look at that.

3 years ago
Where do I find this? Here or in WP? Please advice more accurate …

Update: I couldn’t send my reply via webform due to never-ending-captcha-prompts :-( Why should I verify my form submission while I’m already logged in as a paying customer???

Experience with you plugins and your support is very low, I will migrate to wpDataTables.
3 years ago
Thanks for getting back to me with more information.
Where do I find this? Here or in WP? Please advice more accurate …

You can go here to drop us a ticket here:

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