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  3. Tuesday, October 10 2017
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Tested your free version on my test site and have to say that the second load is much longer than first load. Does this make sense after accessing a cached page?

See attached screenshots please. This is my site for testing: https://www.socialmediaschule.org

Kindest regards,

Hint: Use WP 4.8.2, BP 2.9.1, JCH Optimize Pro, ImageRecycle and a CDN
"For now, your plugin does not beat other caching plugins"
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Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
Analysis system is only relative, could you retest sevral times?
And you can directly go to check on https://www.webpagetest.org whose API we are based on.

Hope it helps!
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I don't know JCH in particular but your cache seems to be pretty efficient (see attached, it's our Load time testing chrome extension).

beware with simple load test, I mean it's relevant once you've performed several repeated tests. It happens that between 2 tests, the source or the destination server experience performance change. That's why you have the option the run 3 consecutives tests on webpagetest.org.

Hope it helps.

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