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  3. Thursday, April 18 2013
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Hi Team,

All this sounds too good to be true (either Droppics or Backlinks!). I don't know why I haven't hit your website already...

Anyway my question: does Social Backlinks supports dates of publication set in the future via the Joomla interface?

In other words, if I plan an article to be published in 4 days and an another one in 2 weeks, will those be also published on social networks on those dates but not before?

That would just be... perfect.

Many thanks for answer!
(and hoping for positive answer ;-)


PS: your registration page doesn't really work well on Chrome (Mac version).
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Hi Dominique,

Yes, Social Backlinks does support articles published in the future. Last time I checked it was working. If you're facing any issue with that, please let me know ASAP, I'll provide you with a fix.

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Amazing !!!!

You just have a new customer on this one!
But Droppics might be mine too...

Will let you know if everything turns out to work as expected.

Thxs for your positive answer ;-)

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Social Backlinks is actually entirely driven by the publication (and the update date, if you chose to use it) of the articles. It synchronizes all the articles that have been published since the last sync. So if you put a publish date in the future, it will wait until after the publication date.

Let me know if you need any help.

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