Friday, January 03 2014
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1. Do our website need to have SSL sertificate to update artiles to FB?
2. Does this support update of Joomla article image to FB?
3. What kind of update does it make to FB for new articles? Does it only say there is a new article with a link to it or can it display cropped or intro text from article in FB?

Let me answer you point by point ;)

1. Nope
2. Yes but I'm not sure to understand. When you choose sync on article update, the new article with the new image will be sent on social networks, that's it?
3. The article has exactly the same format than the original one

7 years ago
Thanks for your answers, but you dont adress if the article can be displayed in FB as introtext with read more or its only the whole article.

I want only to show introtext from Joomla articles with read more...
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